Our Mission

"In a mission of creating better India by reducing unemployment and increasing employability"

About Us

At Kalibermind, we make this transition happen through our effective module designs and hands on lab experience during the learning process. Kalibermind Bangalore follows extensive and updated course curriculum and focus on delivering quaity training, Our avid and industry expert trainer creating difference by delivering real-time project based software training, and also by Working on Ease of Learning by leveraging on practical skills

Kalibermind’s training approach highlights:

  • Meticulous Classroom Hours.
  • Exposure to Live Projects.
  • Understanding and Analysis of Live Projects.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Mock Interview from leading sessions.

At Kalibermind, our faculties and Trainers from within the industry targets towards preparing you by imparting their knowledge that will be effectively carried forward by you in your entire career path – right from the starting point towards the entire journey of building up an effective and skillful software expert profile.

Who We are

“In today's job market scenario every individual feels like they are standing in some wrestling arena and people all around the stadium are shouting to win and that too in an efficient way”. Many of us feel the same way.

We at Kalibermind focus exclusively at training such aspirant candidates who have the desire to always fall at the winning side towards achieving their career goals.

Kalibermind is Bangalore’s leading Software skills training Institute, started by Mr. Chandra Prakash Verma and his efficient team with the motive of bringing forward the transitional approach through skillful learning rather than the traditional approach.

Why Choose Our Institution?

At Kalibermind, we make this transition happen through our effective module designs and hands on lab experience during the learning process

  Placement Facility

Over 97% placement record recorded for eligible students.We provide Aptitude Training and Soft skills training for clearing the interviews.

  Skilled Trainers

We offer industry inlined course curriculum by industry experts.Live projects are developed & integrated under the guidance of a professional team.


We offer a free internship program, Most endorsed training institute for freshers & professional too.

We Prepare you like no one other does

Kalibermind aims at preparing the candidate with best practices available that will bring in all the confidence to face any interview in any of the modules that are being offered on training from us.

We focus on preparing the candidates with dedicated separate special “Soft Skills” session for each candidate by giving exposure through a well designed dummy mock Interview sessions headed by ace trainer Mr. Deepak Poojari.

Join our team of dedicated aspirants, if you aim at getting the specialised learning experience where we have designed each modules keeping in mind the best of the combinations that is in demand when it come to hiring anyone with software skills.

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